Drunk & Distracted Driving Accidents

Handling the legal issues of Drunk & Distracted driving accident

Drunk driving is the main cause of many accidents and also using cell phones, wireless devices which ause distraction to the driving also causes many accidents. People speak, message, email through phone while driving causes distraction and leads to major accidents. You can take action of the drunk or distracted
driver if he hits you or your family member.

Distracted driving is as dangerous as the drunken driving .Drunk and Distracted driving accidents leads to major injuries, air-line fractures, major fractures, burns, soft tissue damage, back bone, brain and spinal cord injuries and death cases.

Our best experienced lawyers will be in your service and handles all the legal issues .We make sure that you get compensated well to recover your loss of medical expenses ,lost income, future expenses and funeral expenses in case of death.