Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

For many reasons like economic and environment-friendly many people use bicycles. But there are many accidents happening to the cyclists and pedestrians. Our road systems are not good enough for cyclists and pedestrians to travel safely. The injuries are serious and even may lead to death when a vehicle hits a pedestrian or cyclist.

Our best experienced attorneys help you get maximum compensation if you or your family member is a pedestrian or cyclist accident victim.

Parks, Crosswalks, school areas, play grounds and intersections are the places where mostly pedestrian and bicycle accident occurs. In many cases, these accidents occur as the driver not paying attention to the road . Children are often the victims of the pedestrian and bicycle victims. High speed, Drunk and distracted driving, Ignoring crosswalks, Ignoring traffic signals are the major factors of these accidents. Pedestrian accidents lead to major injuries, major fractures, soft tissue damage, back bone, brain and spinal cord injuries and death cases.

Our lawyers make sure that you are well compensated to recover your medical expenses, lost income, future expenses and funeral expenses in case of death.